With over a decade of experience in relationship coaching and mediation, I provide professional and personalized services to clients looking to enhance their connection or communication, especially in situations involving divorce or child custody.

Combining my education in psychology with my diverse background as an entrepreneur and mother, I take a holistic approach to coaching that caters to individual needs. My focus on providing first-class services ensures clients receive the attention and guidance they need to succeed in their personal and professional relationships. I am passionate about helping others improve their lives, and I am confident in my ability to guide clients through difficult situations to achieve positive outcomes.

Mediation provides an effective system for resolving conflicts in a constructive way, without harmful confrontations, and promotes productive problem-solving. Clients will meet with me to address and resolve the most challenging issues – parenting plans, maintenance and divorce settlements.


In many instances children are the victims of divorce and do not get the support that they need as parents are often oblivious to their plight. I assess the child’s state of mind and provide a report that gives the parents insight into the child’s emotional state and how to deal with it appropriately and correctly.

Sonja Broschk Coaching and Mediation Practice


As a highly educated and certified NLP coach with a Master’s degree in Psychology, I have completed various programs, including Voice of the Child and Child and Family Mediation, to further enhance my skills and knowledge. To stay current with the latest industry trends and research, I undertake annual continued professional development. 

In addition to my expertise in Family and Child Mediation practices in the South African context, I have also studied global situations as per UNICEF. I have completed courses in Child Protection at Harvard University, and I am proud to call myself a mediator or ‘neutral.’ I am committed to providing the highest level of professional service to my clients and upholding the values of our industry.